All students at the HWDSB are welcome to attend our Centre during our late hours on Wednesdays.  In order to attend, students and parents must pre-register EVERY WEEK (BELOW) . There will be a variety of activities, presentations,  games and challenges for students to participate in. All students work together, regardless of AGE, ABILITY, or GRADE LEVEL.  This is a sample of the types of activities students may participate in:

  • Use of the computers to complete homework
  • Math Challenges
  • Green Screen
  • Use of the 3D Printer
  • Minecraft Club challenges (Note: This is not Player vs. Player)
  • Engineering challenges
  • Knitting
  • Writing challenges
  • Magic the Gathering Tournaments
  • Puzzles
  • Lego Robotics
  • Arduino Activity
  • Coding and Programming
  • Music lessons, composition
  • Board Games
  • MORE…… !

We also request that the parent/Guardian remain at the centre with the student. This is not a ‘drop off’ program. Parents are encouraged to participate as well.

For instance, parents are encouraged to join a chess game or other board games, contribute to our collaborative idea wall, knit or weave, sewing, Minecraft, learn a new skill, read a book with the students and have fun! The program here has no age limit and when the student sees you working, playing and learning, it is truly motivating and inspiring for them!

There are occasions when we will have special events or have “specialists” come in and share/teach a skill. This upcoming Wednesday (tomorrow), we will be learning some hand weaving/knitting.  We do not have enough yarn for everyone so we do request that you try to bring in your own yarn or be willing (if you are able) to donate yarn to the centre.  We also have enjoyed using the sewing machine. Please contribute by bringing some FABRIC.

Also, remind your child that the 3D printer takes time. We finish our last print at 4:30.

We also have computers at the centre, however, they are for limited and specific use only (Homework, 3D printer/Tinkercad, Pre-planned Minecraft activity- no outside servers, Lego Robotics, Movie Creation). We will have a Collaborative Minecraft Server.

At this time, we are asking that students are NOT using the computers for games, unless it is something pre-arranged/approved as we would like to ensure that the equipment is being used for enrichment purposes only.

There may be occasions where the after school program is CANCELLED. For this reason, we DO NOT encourage parents to DROP OFF students, but instead, walk them up to the Centre.