Our Mission Statement

The Gifted Program will endeavor to:

  • To provide time, direction, support and resources in order to maximize the student’s potential
  • To help student become more self-directed in his/her learning by committing to certain tasks that are geared toward his/her own interests, abilities and passions
  • To commit to providing in-depth,complex and higher-order programming
  • To support students in discovering his/her strengths and areas of weaknesses and to make learning decisions based on this
  • To help all students become confident, happy, and equipped with the social skills to be strong leaders and citizens
  • To help Teachers, Resources Teachers (and other Educators/Leaders) and Parents to have a more complete picture of how giftedness
  • To encourage and support students to engage in personal endeavors, passions and inquiry driven projects
  • To support student’s confidence in becoming a self-directed and independent learner
  • To  help student engage in learning activities that have depth and breadth of the as well as go outside or  beyond the regular curriculum
  • To encourage students to advocate for his/her own learning by setting and tracking goals. Encouraging students to be proactive in their learning
  • To inspire students to be active and engaged citizens with strong understanding of social justice and world issues

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