Learning Resource Teachers

Are you a Learning Resource Teacher? Do you provide small group instruction for students who are Gifted or highly talented in certain areas?

Programming for Gifted Students is not cut and dry.  What might work for one “Gifted” student, might not be effective for another. Strengths, expertise, interests and potential vary greatly. Abilities, engagement, motivation, attitude, family support, health and wellness and characteristic can impact how, when and what students will learn, and under what condition. For this reason, it is often difficult to pull a group of “Gifted” students from a variety of classrooms and expect that a pre-planned focused lesson will work for each of them.

Here are some tips, ideas and suggestions for your “small group” instruction:

  • Keep your topic focused on the principals of Student Inquiry and questioning. Tell less and ask more. Demonstrate your own inquiry
  • Initiate an Independent Learning Contract for each student. Here, students can choose a specific topic, project or skill that they want to work on through the year…something that is different from what he/she is working on in his/ her classroom.
  • Model INQUIRY. Pick something that you are also interested in learning and choose this time to work on it WITH THEM.
  • Use this time to discuss CURRENT ISSUES with the student, pointing out local, environmental and social issues that are found in the paper. Consider engaging in a debate on this topic
  • DO NOT insist that the students COMPLETE work during this time. Allow the student to use this time to talk about his/her learning, social issues, and how things are going at school.
  • Consider using this time to UPDATE THE STUDENT IEP – with student direction and input
  • Initiate a FUN GAME with the student (Stock Market Games, Scrabble)
  • Co-Write and POST a BLOG with the student about a specific topic <– very empowering for the student
  • Create a fun and engaging community project with the student (A tour of the school using video, images and QR codes to create a self-directed “Tour”
  • Have student bring in an instrument during one of your sessions
  • Do an art activity with the student
  • Pick a high level VOCABULARY game to play with the students
  • Go over a Gauss MATH TEST  with the students
  • Consider signing up to http://wise.berkeley.edu/  Open Source and Interactive Science Lessons
  • Create a Cooking class with the student and have the students write the recipe and instructions on a blog

These are some GREAT projects to go over with the students. http://metagifted.org/products/enrichmentProjectList/

Have them choose one and co-write a contract outlining the how, what, when  of the project.




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