Grade 5 – Information about Program

Grade 5: Da Vinci Kids

Big Idea: How are we Gifted?

Approximately once per month, starting in October, students who have met the HWDSB criteria for GIFTED will be invited to attend the Enrichment and Innovation Centre located at Holbrook School. Every student in Grade 5 who has been formally tested for Gifted and has been notified that they meet the HWDSB criteria, will also have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) initiated by their home school (teacher, Learning Resource Teacher and Principal). In April and May of this year, parents will be invited to an INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM RESOURCE COMMITTEE  (IPRC) meeting where they may be formally identified as “Gifted”. This will be reviewed every year that they are enrolled at an HWDSB school.

A letter of invite to attend the Enrichment and Innovation Centre will be sent to the students family as well as the school at the start of October.

As well, students are welcome to drop by our Enrichment Centre Drop-In, held on SOME Wednesdays from 3:00 – 4:45  (Starting October ) for informal programming, sharing and playing!

  • There are six Grade 5 Classes with approximately 22 students in each class.
  • We will have two teachers available for supporting students programming needs.
  • Be sure to check the calendar (OFTEN)  This is found at:  for information about when each group is scheduled.

New →

  • The HWDSB added an additional staff member to the Enrichment and Innovation Centre
  • Gifted Centre location at Holbrook Elementary School. This is our thrid year to have our own location. In previous years, we held our program at 4 different locations, borrowing resources from the schools.
  • This year – 2016/2017, we will be opening a SECOND location at Dr. Davey Elementary School. More information to come!
  • We have extended  additional sessions for Grade Six Groups (from 5 sessions to 7 sessions).
  • We have extended additional sessions for Grade Seven Groups (from 5 sessions to 7 sessions).
  • We are having a weekly “Drop-In” Centre on SOME Wednesday (3:00- 5:00) for ALL students.
  • In order to extend the learning that happens between the classroom, home and the Enrichment Centre, we will be setting up an online platform called Desire to Learn (D2L). This is referred to as “Blended Learning”.  Using their HWDSB login and password, students will be able to interact with their “Gifted Class” online. The Enrichment and Innovation Centre Teachers will post project ideas, questions, information and even activities that students could do prior to coming to each centre.  In some elementary and many secondary schools, the D2L platform is used for online coursework, for feedback and for teacher instruction.  Instead, we are using it as a tool for communication, enrichment, and questions.
  • “REMIND” – We will be using a “Texting” program. Each group/class will be getting a special code to receive text messages and/or emails about the Gifted Program. Look out for more information about this.

Grade Five Program:

  • There will be SIX SESSIONS for Grade Five students that meet the HWDSB criteria for Gifted
  • Through an ongoing study of Leonardo da Vinci, students will participate in engaging activities including Art, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Physics, Drama and Literature.
  • The overall intent, is to help them better identify their strengths and weaknesses, to advocate for themselves and to work both independently and collaborative in a given situation.
  • We will use Inquiry and Problem Based methods for instruction and will emphasize a hands-on approach to learning.
  • The Centre will provide an environment for students to engage in the topics and activities that interest them.
  • This year, we have a set of new computers, lego robotics and a 3D printer where students will have an opportunity to design and print a 3D object.
  • We also have hubs set around the classroom that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering,  Math and ARTS.
  • We will be using a variety of computer programs, including Minecraft as part of the design process
  • While at the centre, the students will participate in both self-directed learning as well as a whole class focused activities that are built around real-world problems and solutions.


Sample Day Schedule for the Gifted Program:

Students go to their home school and await transportation to the Enrichment and Innovation Centre OR students are driven to the Centre by a parent (please notify the Centre of this 905 385 5369, )


9:30/10:00 → Students arrive to the Centre.

10:00 – 11:30 → Students participate in passion-based, self-directed learning activities (hubs set up around the classroom to choose from). Teachers work with small groups.

11:30 – 12:10 →  Lunch, Exercise, Play and independent/small group activities

12:10 – 1:30 → Focused Inquiry based, problem based lesson

1:30 – 2:00 → Consolidation and sharing (Students will share a tea  this time)

2:00 → Transportation back to home school via bus, taxi or parent


Parent Volunteers:

We are always looking for volunteers to join our Enrichment Centre Stations. If you have an expertise in a certain area, we would love to have you come share and help inspire our students. Please contact either Kristy or Zoe if you think you could offer some real-world expertise to our program!


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