Enrichment Ideas

For enrichment, we don’t  encourage teachers, students or parents to just go to the next “grade”. In fact, for many of these students, there is such a little difference in the concepts or skills at the next grade, it wouldn’t matter anyway. Often, they would be able to learn the concepts at that grade fast as well.

Instead, we suggest the student engage in a project based or inquiry based method of learning. In this, the student can seek math concepts at any level or area that he/she needs. It isn’t the concepts or knowledge that we are after, but instead their ability to apply it.

A couple of tips and tricks we use when working with Gifted Students who seek out higher level work:

  1. we encourage the student and parent to use a Contract which can be found on our website
  2. We meet with the student to help him/her with initiating enrichment strategies himself or herself. This helps them to take initiative in their own learning and to know what to do when they are bored, know the concept, done early or want more. Learning this skill will be extremely valuable since their gap will continue to be quite wide as they go from grade to grade.
  3. We  provide examples and ideas for students to engage in projects or activities that relate to the material/concepts/themes that are covered in class
  4. We provide the questions (we do this for all students): What are we learning this, How/why does this matter to me? to us? to the world?

For example:

Numeracy and Number Sense: Can students apply a real world problem to what is being covered? Create a budget? Find a related problem (that is more complicated himself/herself on Khan Academy or another website)?  Find a real world example of when anyone would actually need to know this material and what /how this can be extended?

Geometry/Measurement: Can students use the concepts learned to design a structure? Can they use Minecraft? Can students look at city design plans? How are bus routes measured? What is the difference of time and measurements between bus routes? What about how street lights are tracked <– these are all inquiry. Students can find related measurement concepts or questions using Khan academy and then present them to the class.

Math Videos or Concepts:

Can students watch one of these TedTalks that focus on Math and provide a summary or presentation about how this fits with what they are learning (or have learned) from their schooling? https://www.ted.com/topics/math

Can students create their own video or audio podcast about math?


  • Can students create a game from concepts learned?
  • Can students DRAW IT? What about create a pictures story that includes the math concepts through the use of Storytelling.
  • What about engaging students in the are of CODING?
  • Can students create a world problem using a story or a familiar context? Here is one example of  a student that created algebra problem about star wars: http://io9.com/8th-grader-pens-impressive-algebra-problem-about-star-w-1642715847

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