Enrichment and Innovation Centre

Enrichment and Innovation Centre Information

450 Sanitorium Road

L9C 2B1

Hamilton, Ontario

905 385 5369

Kristy Luker and Zoe Branigan-Pipe

What will this centre offer?

  • Ongoing programming for over 450 students who are identified as Gifted. Students in Grade 5, 6, 7, 8 will have an opportunity to attend the program once per month. Information will be sent to schools at the beginning of September.Students who meet the HWDSB Gifted Criteria and are not in the self-contained classes are invited to attend the Enrichment Centres each month beginning in October through to May.  They will spend a day with their intellectual peers learning about themselves as gifted learners and participate in inquiry based learning. This is non-evaluative but will support the IEP (Individual Education Plan) at the student’s home school. All students will go to their home school to have attendance taken and then will take a bus or taxi to the Centre.  If parents are able to drive that really helps to keep our budget available for resources.  The day begins around 9:30 am and ends at 2:00 pm.Click here for INFORMATION about Gifted Programs.
  • Ongoing support for teachers and leaders to aid with individual education plans, and programming ideas and support. There will be monthly sessions held at the centre focusing on a variety of topics.
  • Ongoing support for educators and leaders in the system who are interested in enhancing programming and support for ALL STUDENTS.
  • A location for regular workshops (after school) for parents, teachers and students that are interested in Enrichment and 21st Century Learning strategies. These sessions and open-houses will be FUN and will focus on innovative tools, techniques and pedagogies.
  • A location to meet, work, play and share in small groups (after 2 pm), where educators, parents and students can access resources such as laptops, tablets, Interactive Whiteboard, Books, 3D printer, Lego Robotics and more.
  • A location for parents and community members to meet and share stories, ideas and strategies about how to enhance learning opportunities for their children.
  • A location for educators to meet, learn and share (this includes Outreach and Partnerships with other Districts and classrooms).
  • A learning environment for new teachers and pre-service teachers



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