About the Gifted Program at HWDSB

Gifted Students at HWDSB

Option 1 – Enrichment Centres/Workshops

*Students remain in the Regular Class and access the Gifted/Enrichment Centres

6 days through the year for  grade 5 students

5 days through the year for  grade 6 students

5 days through the year for  grade 7 and 8 students

*Programming is done in the regular classroom and students are on an IEP

*Students will travel from their home school to the Gifted/Enrichment Centre at Holbrook School

450 Sanatorium Rd, Hamilton, ON L9C 2B1
(905) 385-5369

Information about transportation will be updated in the fall.

Option 2 – Special Class Placement 

Students will be placed in a Self-Contained Gifted Classroom (Grade 6, 7, 8).

Gifted /Enrichment Centres/Workshops

Students, who are beginning Grade five in September and have met HWDSB criteria for Gifted (all parents are notified of this), are invited to attend the Enrichment Centres each month beginning in October through to May.  They will spend a day with their intellectual peers learning about themselves as gifted learners and participate in inquiry based learning.  This is non-evaluative but will support the IEP (Individual Education Plan) at the student’s home school.  Explore our blog to learn more about the program. Parents will be invited to the Gifted Centre for special events and presentations.

Special Class Placement (Self-Contained Gifted Classroom)

Students who are not being successful in the regular class and whose needs are not being met in the regular classroom and at the Enrichment Centre, may be offered Self-Contained Gifted Placement at one of three Self-Contained Gifted Special Class. Special Class Placement for Gifted is for Grade 6 through 8.

Identification Placement and Review Committee

An Identification Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) takes place each year in early spring.Sometimes this may happen at other times throughout the year. For Grade 5 this will be the meeting where the student will be deemed Gifted and placement will be discussed.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

All students who meet the criteria will have an IEP in place.  Parents  will be invited to be part of the writing process.  Usually Gifted IEPs are based on strengths.  Sometimes Gifted Students also have deficits and Learning Disabilities and the IEP will address this. The IEP is an ongoing process and may change throughout the year depending on the needs of the student.

Coffee Houses (Information sessions)

Throughout the year we will offer information sessions for Teachers and Parents and schools are notified of dates early in the school year. It is important to check the blog often.

Student’s Home School

The Gifted Itinerants will connect with your child’s home school as needs arise. If there are questions about the Gifted student, please always refer to the students Teacher, Learning Resource Teacher and principal of the child’s school.

Support for Gifted Students in the School

All students who attend the Centre are on “The Hub” which is an online learning program .  Gifted Itinerants will model lessons at the Enrichment and Innovation Centre for classroom teachers and learning resources teachers.

Online Learning, Blended Learning and Technology

Students in the Gifted Program will use Desire2Learn (an online course platform) to help bridge the gap between the Enrichment Centre, the students classroom and home learning. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting opportunity.

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