Self-Directed Learning Contract

Self-Directed Learning Contract 

C0- Created/developed by: Enrichment/Innovation Centre, HWDSB 2014

Zoe Branigan-Pipe (

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The purpose of this contract is to:

  • To help student become more self-directed in his/her learning by tracking his/her own projects and committing to certain tasks that are geared toward his/her own interests, abilities and passions
  • Help students discover their strengths and areas of weaknesses and to make learning decisions based on this
  • Help teachers, Resources Teachers and Parents to have a more complete picture of where, how and what the student needs to meet his/her learning potential and to use this information to enhance learning opportunities
  • To encourage and support students to engage in personal endeavors, passions and projects
  • To support student’s confidence in becoming a self-directed and independent  learner
  • To  help student engage in learning activities that are above and beyond the regular curriculum
  • To encourage students to set goals that will allow him/her to be more proactive and engage in his/her own learning


Suggested Use:

  • Learning Resource Teacher facilitates the contract each month by ensuring the student, parent and teacher have all had some input
  • Student IEP can be used to GUIDE the contract (and/or the other way around)
  • Learning Resource Teacher and/or Teacher can provide time for the student to work on parts of the contract (Ie: Personal Endeavor project, extension activities)


Self-Directed Learning Agreement

School and  Grade Level:
Description of Student as a learner:

SUBJECTS (Curriculum may or may not be modified, work can be altered, lessened )

*Teacher initial that required work has been completed each week

*Student/teacher make note of type of extension completed; Learning Resource Teacher to follow up, provide feedback, support

Week 1 Week  2 Week 3 Week  4 EXTENSION ACTIVITIES
Language (Reading/Writing/Oral Language, Media)
Social Studies (history/Geography)
ARTS (Music, Drama, Visual, Dance)
Wellness (Health, Phys-Ed)


Non-Academic Description of activity (helping other students, School leadership, community leadership, what did you do….)
Extra-Curricular Clubs, sports, organizations, music, arts, extra courses…
Gifted Program

(Enrichment and Innovation Centre)

What did you do at the Centre?
Community Write or Respond about current event? Volunteering in neighbourhood? Connection to municipal issues?

PASSION-BASED PROJECT (A skill, project or inquiry done OUTSIDE regular day or curriculum, ie: learn an instrument, another language, a specific skill, a research project, something to teach others…)

Title of Project

or Skill

Description Date Completion Date Presentation

Student commitment, Parent Acknowledgement, Teacher and LRT SUPPORT

Teacher/Learning Resource Teacher

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