Start of the YEAR information

By now, the Special Assignment (Gifted and Enrichment) teachers have visited or spoken to almost all schools at HWDSB who have students that are identified Gifted according to the HWDSB Criteria.

Permission and consent forms were provided to the schools to hand out to students. These forms must be returned to the school in order for the student to participate in the Gifted Program Enrichment activities.

2017/2018 Information

Students: 551

Classes: 30
Grade 7/8: 14 Classes (252 Students)
Grade 6:  9 Classes (147 Students)
Grade 5: 7 Classes (152 Students)

The format for the program:

Along with regular visits to the Enrichment and Innovation Centre, as well as field trips, the Special Assignment teachers will be visiting the schools where they will provide support to teachers, students and parents.


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