Changes are coming to the Gifted Program! Updates to follow…..

Over the next two weeks, the Enrichment Team teachers are working diligently and quickly to ensure the Gifted Program is running by the beginning of October. 

There will be some changes to the program for the 2017/2018 School year:

  • Jennifer Deans has joined our team as an Enrichment Teacher (Kristy Luker left for a different position)
  • There are THREE teachers (in 2015/2016 there were two teachers)
  • There are TWO gifted Centres for students who will be attending the Enrichment program. One at Holbrook School and one at Dr. Davey School. (In 2015/2016 there was one Centre)
  • Grade 6, 7 and 8 Students will have ONE ENRICHMENT teacher assigned to them (in previous years, it was 2).
  • Schedules will be out as soon as possible and will include a variety of locations (both centres, library, art gallery, etc.)
  • There will be classes made up of Grade 7 and 8 students from the same school (last year Grade 7 and 8 Students attended separately
  • We are going to try to arrange a school bus (last year they were provided taxi or parent driver) for schools with many students
  • Enrichment Teachers will be visiting schools regularly (last year this did not occur often due to schedule)
  • There are TWO self-contained Gifted classes (there were THREE last year)

Please stay tuned for further updates!

~Gerry, Zoe and Jenn


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