Grade Six Program coming up!! Interconnections and Journalism

We’ve had to change the format of our upcoming Session Three for Grade Six Gifted Students over the next two weeks. Due to logistical challenges, this will be a one-day session rather than a two-day session.

This session will be at the new Enrichment & Innovation Centre at Dr. Davey School and will be scheduled as follows: 6C Monday Feb 6; 6B Tuesday February 07 <–change of date, from Feb 14)6D Wednesday Feb 8 ; 6E Thursday Feb 09; 6F Friday February 10; 6A Monday February 13; .

Please visit the Calendar at: for future dates.

In order to dive into the Big Idea – Is Interconnectedness essential for our survival? –  We will be looking at the Inquiry topic- Is biodiversity, interconnectedness, and environment?

*How does the interconnectedness of anything change its course or direction in life?

*Does using our VOICE or hearing someone else’s VOICE connect us more deeply?

Session Three will advance our Journalism Program where students will use podcasting software. Podcasting is nothing new as journalists have been using this MEDIUM for many years. The radio is a form of podcasting.  Please BRING EARPHONES and/or a MIC if you have one.

Snack/Nutrition: Salad Bar

We always appreciate  (when possible), community involvement in our program. It is what makes it work so well. Thank you for your help.

  • For Lunch, we will be preparing a Salad Bar.  This is an opportunity to engage students in conversations around Indigenous values and the relationship between humans, community, and nature. Through food we will continue to explore how we balance what we take and give to the Earth in our daily living. The salad is meant to supplement lunch, please also your own snack/lunch!

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