Grade Seven Debate Day Coming up!!

Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,

We’ve had to change the format of our upcoming Session Four for Grade Seven Students over the next two weeks. Due to logistical challenges, this will be a one-day session rather than a two-day session as originally planned. This session will be at the new Enrichment & Innovation Centre at Dr. Davey School and will be scheduled as follows: 7C January 23; 7D January 24; 7E January 25; 7F January 26; 7A January 30; 7B January 31

Please visit the Calendar at: for future dates.

Session Four will advance our Global/Local Activism work with them. Students will research the opposing views on the matter of the LRT for Hamilton and debate the issue using formal conventions. The big ideas for our inquiry are: How do we balance what we take from the earth with what we return to the earth through our daily living? How are cities changing in the 21st Century?  

How can you prepare at home or at school?

We suggest that you spend around 20 minutes browsing the internet and/or newspapers, talk with family and friends about their opinions and rationale. The following are suggested prompts for conversations that may occur at home or at the home school prior to the this session:

  • What are the stated benefits of an LRT in Hamilton?
  • Who are proponents and opponents of the project (where do they live, where do they work, will they ride the LRT)?
  • How are the benefits and drawbacks measured (what units of measure are used)?
  • What alternatives to the LRT have been proposed?

Help us gather sources by contributing links to this document

Community Kitchen – Consider bringing a favourite decaffeinated tea for our Kitchen

For Lunch,  we will be preparing, Three Sisters Chili ( ). We will be using the chili to engage students in conversations around Indigenous values and the relationship between humans, community, and nature. Through food we will continue to explore how we balance what we take and give to the Earth in our daily living. The chili is meant to supplement lunch, please also bring a snack!

    • Please contribute by bringing cut up sweet potatoes, garlic, peppers, onions, or a can of beans, tomatoes, corn, chickpeas or lentils.



Contact Zoe (,  Kristy or Gerry  at the Centre if you have any questions and of course, please feel free to send an email if you would like to discuss this topic, have useful resources, or have any further or have questions.

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