Grade Six Journalism Students going on a trip!!

farmers_marketOver the next three weeks our Grade Six Students will be venturing out into the community for a Journalism Trip!

As part of this program, we will be connecting back to our work with UN Global Goals and looking at what makes a city vibrant and successful. Students will start their journalism journey first on the HSR (Public Transit). We have discovered that many of our students have not experienced public transit in their own city.

Upon arriving downtown Hamilton, students will walk from the bus stop to Jackson Square where we will discuss the concept of a “Mall” and comparing this to times before the “Mall” where there were once independent shops along James street.

We will then walk through the Hamilton Public Library which leads us directly to the Farmer’s Market. Again, we will discuss the needs of these buildings as part of a city centre and why city planners and architects  chose to ensure the library and Market are not only attached but have a glass window between them.

At the Market, students will get a chance to work in small groups to observe and talk to Vendors. Assuming they prepared, they will ask relevant questions and work on an article that they will eventually publish on their own blogs.

Here is one article that a student wrote and had published:


We are encouraging students to base their interviews and articles on a THEME. Possible themes include:

  • TECHNOLOGY -How has technology impacted working or shopping at the market?
  • SMALL SCALE/LARGE SCALE – How is working/shopping at a market different from working/shopping at a grocery store?
  • STRATEGY – How do you choose the location of your shop? What makes a location good for business?
  • MARKETING – How do you advertise and attract people to your shop? How do you increase sales?
  • PRICING – How do you set your market prices? What considerations need to take into account to make money?
  • FAMILY – What attracts people to a market setting? What does it offer families?
  • HEALTH AND SOCIAL JUSTICE – What is the importance of Organic foods and Fair Trade?


Financial Literacy Opportunity!

Students may bring money with them for lunch and grocery purchases. Parents are encouraged to have students plan and purchase a meal!




ALLERGY ALERT: Please note that due to the large variety of food available at the Market, the location is NOT allergy free.



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