Learning in the Community about the Community

Grade Six Students are going in the FIELD!!

  Students will going downtown Hamilton to visit the Hamilton Farmers Market on the FOLLOWING DATES!

Tuesday March 31 (Group 6B)

Thursday April 2 (Group 6A)

Tuesday April 7 (Group 6C)

Thursday April 9 (Group 6D)

Tuesday April 14 (Group F)

Tuesday April 28 (Group E) 

The intention of the Trip is to provide an authentic opportunity for students to apply journalism skills (photography, video and interview). More so, the trip will provide students with an opportunity to find real stories from people of the Market and discover what makes this space so special to Hamilton.

Students will be taking the HSR from the Enrichment and Innovation to Downtown. Having an opportunity to ride public transit will help continue our discussions about sustainable living, environmental responsibilities and how cities can have a positive impact on the earth.

This article, written by a Gifted Student from HWDSB, demonstrates the importance of learning outside the classroom http://www.cea-ace.ca/education-canada/article/escape-classroom

In small supervised groups, students will spend about an hour interviewing and talking to local Market vendors as well as learning about the History (and Future) of the Hamilton Market.

Currently, the plight of the Farmer’s Market has been discussed in the media due to a decline in customer population. Students have an opportunity to learn about business and investigate the reasons why Market vendors are worried about their future.


PREPARATION – How should students prepare for this project?

  • Students should have some background knowledge of the Market before coming. What is the History of the Market?  What are some of the stalls? What makes shopping at the Farmer’s Market different then at a Grocery store? What news stories can you find about the Farmer’s Market?
  • Students should consider finding an interesting story, rather than just making their article fact based. There are many families that have had stalls at the Market for decades. What stories can they tell?
  • Students need to have some questions prepared ahead of time.

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